My name is Mike and I have a knack for making things work.  I can fix most anything mechanical.  I also like to build things so hence this blog.  Over the years I have dabbled in Chocolate, Sugar Sculpture, Jeeping, Sea Kayaking, Wood working, car repair (Honda Civic, Jeep Wranglers), Pilates, and even building Pilates equipment.  I have been a house sitter for sometime in Boulder, CO in a historic house and that involves maintaining and being creative for space usage (shoe cabinets for example).

During the day I do contract work for data center networking and occasional Pilates repair or installation.

Any questions, I can be reached at forbeskm at gmail dot com

All the images on mikeofallthings except those credited appropriately, are taken by myself.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Mike,
    How is the workbench working for you? I am getting ready to start on a build myself.
    Do you still like the height? I am 6’1″ so I am taking Paul’s suggestion starting with 38″ High.

    I like the “short bench on the back of the tool well” Is that working for you? Do you find it useful? Would you do it again?

    I am looking at 12″ top 10″ Well and back apron. so 24″ total but i may add a 2X4 or two for a “short bench on the back of the tool well”.

    Any other item I should Think about.

    Thank you!

    • Love the workbench, I do still like the height. I figure as I use it more I can always remove easier than I can add so error on the side of higher I say.

      I like the well, it keeps my tools from sliding off the bench, I am clumsy like that and have killed a plane before the bench.

      I find the back side a bit shorter than I’d like, if I did it over I think I would have made it one 2x wider. It is handy still the way it is for when you put a large carcass across. Good luck, any other questions come up feel free to give a shout.

  2. Thanks mike for the trick with the oil filter wrench!

    Was almost ready to build a custom tool but the filter wrench opened the boiler in a sec without too many uncontrolled force 🙂


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