Gluten Free and Dairy free cookies don’t have to be flavorless.

My brother sent me a cookie recipe he found on Pinterest.  Yes Pinterest, the land of many pretty pictures and recipes that never work out!

Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwiches (grain-free, dairy-free)

This one was for chocolate and penut butter cookies with almond butter.   Having no almond butter butter but a bag of almonds from Costco I was intrigued.  I followed the almond butter recipe and using my food processor had almond butter in less than 10 minutes (plus 10 minutes of toasting time).  Having never made almond butter I thought this was quite cool.  I was also slightly disturbed at the amount of oil in the almonds, the same almonds I used to eat by the handful.  I have not tried the granola bar recipe at the almond butter link but its on the list now I know how to make the butter.

I followed the recipe with only one minor change.  As a chocolate fan, I cannot melt semi sweet chips of any sort.  Only the real thing is allowed here in this kitchen so I broke out the AUI Swiss 63% Cuoveture Coins and substituted them for the chips (one can substitute their brand of choice here for dark chocolate).    In addition I did not use coconut sugar, plain granulated white worked just fine.  I did find some refine coconut oil to use for the filling at my local King Soopers.  For the cocoa powder I used Penzey’s dutch processed cocoa powder.

The result, a brownie like cookie with all the chocolatey goodness with a penut butter filling.   For dairy free and gluten free it was fantastic.  The real melted chocolate takes it over the top. And since we made the almond butter we know everything that is going into this cookie so there is no chance of contamination.