Hand Cut Nails You Say?

My hand cut nails arrived today!  Yes, hand cut nails, the old school way from the Tremont Nail Company.

What inspired hand cut nails to be ordered?  Chris Schwarz wrote the book The Anarchist’s Tool Chest, which is less about anarchy and more about making a hand tool storage chest.  Now when I read the book I had the intentions on making the chest but since reading I realized I have no room for it and need something more portable.   The book on the chest is a great read as Chris is a very engaging author and is worth it whether you build it or not.

The requirement of moving tools up and down stairs pushed me to the portable configuration.  I now plan on making a Paul Sellers portable tool box first, then as I find room the chest.

I ordered the nails also to make the packing box in the Joiner and The Cabinet Maker, also by Chris Schwarz and Joel Moskowitz.  This is a basic shipping box for back when we didn’t have cardboard.  Should be a fun project and will be a future post.


You can see in the photo I have Fine Finish, Clinch Rosehead, Decorative Wrought Head and Headless nails.  The main advantage to these over wire cut nails from the big box is they hold better. The other advantage is they look way cool!  You can make period furniture or even new designs an incorporate a bit of old school style and strength.  These nails won’t pop out.  Soon to be some projects where you’ll see these in practice.